Ancient Warfare were once the girls who smoked behind the high school gym. They were from distant shores; they spoke in code. They weren’t going to stay too long. They buried themselves in drones of words and found guitars, mapping an intimate apocalypse along the way.

Based in Lexington, KY, with roots in both Savannah, GA and the California coast, Ancient Warfare are currently promoting their August 11th, 2015 Alias Records release, The Pale Horse.

Since 2011, they have developed a fierce reputation for hard work and dynamic performance, sharing stages with artists such as The Raveonettes, Richard Buckner, Mr. Gnome, Lucius, Chelsea Wolfe, Scout Niblett, and The Ghost Wolves. Ancient Warfare’s live show ebbs and flows from hushed harmony vocals to austere, tube-driven waves of sound.

Throughout The Pale Horse, singer/guitarist Echo Wilcox voices a vast landscape: last trials and bones, visions and paths to gold. Her lyrics are shared secrets, fevered dreams – all anchored by violinist Rachael Yanarella, multi-instrumentalist Emily Hagihara (Chico Fellini), and recently recruited bassist Derek Rhineheimer (Oh My Me).

At home in both club/theater settings and small fine arts spaces, Ancient Warfare‘s textured sound combines delicate mythmaking with intense, cinematic rocknroll.

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The Last Living Trial

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From The Horses Mouth –

Ground Control

After those who pick up The Pale Horse run front-to-back with it (and you will readers – you might not know it yet, but you will), they’ll understand what it means to have fallen in love with someone they’ve never met; this band will hold their hearts. They’ll want more – they’ll need more – and they’ll find the fact that they have no idea how long it will be before Ancient Warfare releases a follow-up frustrating and the wait required a tedious chore. They’ll be won by this, but it will be hard to feel as though it’s a prize, because of that. Ground Control

Baby Sue

Ms. Wilcox has a killer voice that really makes these tunes kick. Hard to compare these songs to any one artist or band, but you will probably hear a ton of influences swimming around in the mix. If you loved underground bands from the 1990s, there’s an excellent possibility you’ll totally dig this album. Uniquely rewarding cuts include “Earlin,” “Gunsmoke,” “Rolling Tides,” and “Wintertimes.Baby Sue

Magnet Magazine

Lexington-based Ancient Warfare has released a new song called “Gunsmoke” from its Alias Records debut The Pale Horse. A steady rocker with a unique vocal and lyrical approach, “Gunsmoke” builds into a burst of atmosphere and textured “ahhs” Magnet Magazine