On Distortion Felix‘s first Alias Records release, I’m An Athlete, the band headed to the Electric Audio studio in Chicago, IL to record with Steve Albini (PJ Harvey, Pixies, Nirvana…). The result? This collection of noisy, distortion laden, and melodic pop songs that are sure to turn the heads of everyone in their path.

The first album on Akashic Records (Co-owned by Johnny Temple of Girls Against Boys) garnered these Angelenos some great press and an opening slot on a tour with Girls Against Boys and Buffalo Daughter, as well as, some west coast dates opening for Fugazi. Not a bad start for three guys from L.A.

“Rock and roll hasn’t been doing a very good job of making me happy in recent times. Distortion Felix..has proven to be a notable exception. Borrowing heavily from tricks of the trade in the respective arsenals of Jesus and the Mary Chain, Swans, and more than a little AmRep filth mixed in to thicken the plot, DF slather noise-sludge atop what are basically Monkeesesque pop confections. The results could be something straight out of God’s test kitchens…”

**Note: Distortion Felix is currently in the studio in Los Angeles recording their follow up to ‘I’m An Athlete’. Stay tuned for audio clips and news on the new CD!