Hello. My name is Matt Keating and I am writing this to tell you about my fourth record “Killjoy” as well as give you a little bit of history about me. My other releases are: my first two albums, “Tell It To Yourself” and “Scaryarea,” in 1993 and ’94, and an e.p. of loose ends, called “Candy Valentine,” earlier this year.

I started playing piano and guitar at quite a young age. To support myself, I played piano in an old Boston Mafia club (really!) and linked up with several rock bands . One of them was an outfit called Circle Sky. We broke up in 1989 and I then proceeded to become a solo singer-songwriter, performing on various street corners, subway platforms and whatever open mikes I could find.

Of all my records, “Killjoy” was the smoothest one to make. It was a very organic process. On my first two albums, I looked for outside help, but this time I decided to cover as many of the responsibilities myself as I could. It made me focus more closely on my songs.

Matt_KeatingMy music is an expression of my feelings and ideas, so the songs on this record reflect that. There is one about David Duke and right-wingers in general called “While We Fiddle.” There is a song about how TV erodes relationships called “You And Me And This TV”. (I’m beginning to sound like that Unabomer guy!)

A couple of the songs on my album are about my girlfriend, especially “Emily”. “The L Word” is about a nervous breakdown with a hidden unconscious reference to psychoactive drugs. “Window Booth” is about a 30 year old being stuck in a 13-year old kid’s broken-hearted body. My favorite tracks, “Killjoy” and “The Fruit You Can’t Eat,” are pretty much further variations on those themes.

Give it a listen. Then give it another and decide for yourself. Or, wait for me to show up in your town in a mini-van to shove it down your throat!

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