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Alias 101 Video Compilation


Alias 101 Compilation VHS, featuring videos by: Archers Of Loaf, Knapsack, The Loud Family, American Music Club and many more! Over 20 Vids in all! A must have for any indie fan!

Full Track Listing:

Yo La Tengo – ‘Upside Down’
American Music Club – ‘Rise’
The Sneetches – ‘Heloise’
Picasso Trigger – ‘Rub-a-Dub’
Archers of Loaf – ‘Web in Front’
Knapsack – ‘Cellophane’
Small – ‘Veja and Boston’
Archers of Loaf – ‘Might’
The Magnolias – ‘When I’m Not’
Throneberry – ‘On the Strobe Flame’
Archers of Loaf – ‘Lowest Part is Free’
Knapsack – ‘Effortless’
Matt Keating – ‘Mc Happiness’
Archers of Loaf – ‘Underachievers March and Fight Song’
The Loud Family – ‘Don’t Respond, She Can Tell’
Small – ‘Mona Skips Breakfast’
Archers of Loaf – ‘Harnessed in Slums’
Archers of Loaf – ‘What Did You Expect’

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